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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Trone Brand Energy Announces Spinoff Research Company


Trone Research + Consulting focused on data-driven empowerment

High Point, NC—August 9, 2018—Trone Brand Energy is announcing the creation of Trone Research + Consulting (TRC), a full service research & consulting agency. TRC provides businesses a full suite of research and analytics capabilities, with a focus on turning those analytics into attainable results.

“As the industry has evolved, we found our clients were requesting us to do more specialized analytics and market research,” said Doug Barton, CEO of Trone Brand Energy and Trone Research + Consulting. Starting a separate company allows us to dedicate resources to building our research and analytics capabilities so we can meet this growing demand.” 

TRC’s expertise includes, but is not limited to the following:
* Brand Health Audits—Understanding the current condition of a brand is the first step to moving forward or changing direction.
* Prospect & Customer Insights—Find out what resonates with prospective customers. And how to upsell or cross-sell the ones you already have.
* Marketing Claims Validation—Is your brand #1 or a group’s preference? Confirm the quantifiable statements that make your brand stand out.
* Market Potential Evaluation—Before launching a new product, it’s important to determine if there’s room and interest in the market.
* Channel Needs Assessment—Examine all of the audiences that influence purchase and where the opportunities are with each of them.
* Attrition Evaluation & Retention Optimization—Discover where and why you’re losing customers and what can be done to keep them.

Members of the TRC team are well known in animal health for their thought leadership and ground-breaking research in Pharmaceutical Purchasing Behaviors & Trends and their Changing Pet Owner Study. They are currently working in a number of industries including animal health, retail, telecom, hospitality and non-profit. TRC is also working with global brands seeking entrance into the U.S. marketplace. 

TRC is being led by Scott Layne, a senior research practitioner with more than 25 years of experience with Top 50 market research firms such as Bellomy Research and M/A/R/C Research. His expertise encompasses both qualitative and quantitative research across B2B and B2C segments.

“I am extremely motivated to get in on the ground level of this organization, as there is a very unique combination of skills and competencies coming out of a marketing agency like Trone Brand Energy,” said Scott Layne, president of Trone Research + Consulting. “This, in combination with their research infrastructure, offers a great opportunity to spin off Trone Research + Consulting. It’s truly a delight working with a team that is this knowledgeable and committed to excellence.”

To learn more about TRC, please visit TroneResearch.com or contact Scott Layne at 336.812.2002 or slayne@troneresearch.com.

About Trone Research + Consulting
Trone Research + Consulting (TRC) is located in High Point, North Carolina. TRC is masterfully skilled in transforming complex analytics into clear actionable results. They specialize in brand health audits, customer insights, marketing claims validation, market potential evaluation, channel needs assessment and attrition evaluation & retention optimization. More information about TRC can be found at TroneResearch.com.


Media Contact:
Angi Wesson
PR & Social Media Director, Trone Brand Energy