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Top 5 SEO Strategies to Boost Organic Traffic to Your eCommerce Website

Top 5 SEO Strategies to Boost Organic Traffic to Your eCommerce Website

What Are the Top 5 SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic to Your eCommerce Website?

  1. Keyword Research & Optimization
  2. Website Structure
  3. Content
  4. Structured Data
  5. Fixing Technical SEO Errors

1. Using Keyword Research to Optimize Your eCommerce Site

Keyword research is the process of finding search terms related to your business, services and products that users are actively searching so you can include them in your content. Keyword research is important because it matches your content with users’ search intent. Trone uses reliable online tools such as Moz Pro Keyword Explorer for keyword research. Brands should look at search volume, ranking difficulty and organic CTR to determine which keywords are best to target.

After determining your targeted keywords, it’s important to optimize your landing page meta title, description, header and copy. Through keyword optimization, Google can better understand what type of products you are selling and match them to relevant search queries. 

2. Building an SEO-Friendly Site Structure for Your eCommerce Site

Site structure is the hierarchy of pages on your site and how pages link between each other. The intent is to limit the number of clicks from the homepage to the most important pages on your site.

While site structure is important for SEO, it is also important for user experience. A UX specialist can help you design your site structure so users can easily understand your site and find the products they need. If your site has a lot of products, using breadcrumbs can help users browse your site faster and more effectively. 

  • Homepage: Amanda's Coat Factory
  • Product Category: Jackets
  • Product Sub Category: Insulated & Down
  • Product Page: Long Hooded Down Jacket

After you have determined your site structure, you’ll need to create an XML sitemap of your site and submit it to Google through Google Search Console. A good site structure helps Google better crawl your site and index your pages.

3. Including Content on Your Product Pages

As a primary research tool, Google favors websites with a good amount of content and is more likely to show product pages with more details. Your product page content should use your targeted keywords, include product reviews and have internal links to other relevant products. You’ll also want to include product descriptions, specs and alt image tags. We recommend avoiding duplicate content errors by making sure each landing page has unique content.

4. Structured Data for Product Pages

Structured data helps Google categorize and index your content. Adding structured data to your product pages can improve the way your products show in Google SERP by enhancing how it is displayed in rich snippets. After adding structured data to your product pages, it’s often a good idea to test the schema markup for errors or warnings. 

5. Fixing Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves improving technical issues on your eCommerce site and creating a faster, more crawlable and secure website. Having a lot of site errors could decrease your eCommerce site’s search engine visibility because Google chooses to show sites with better technical SEO.

What Are the Most Common Technical SEO Errors?

  • Non-HTTPS
  • Missing XML Sitemap
  • Slow Site Speed
  • Missing or Incorrect Robots.txt file
  • Missing Canonical Tags
  • Broken Links
  • 404 Errors & Redirect Chains
  • Duplicate Content

You might not know that some of these common technical SEO errors are affecting your site. An eCommerce digital marketing agency can provide an SEO audit to see what improvements your site needs and next steps to fix your site errors.

eCommerce Digital Marketing Agencies

Implementing these SEO strategies can be time consuming and may require help from an eCommerce specialist, UX expert or website developer. A digital marketing agency can help you update your site and implement an ongoing SEO strategy. Trone specializes in eCommerce web design and SEO. If you would like to learn more about our eCommerce capabilities, please contact us.

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