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Efficient eCommerce: 6 Reasons Online Stores Need a Marketing Agency

Efficient eCommerce: 6 Reasons Online Stores Need a Marketing Agency

Thriving as an eCommerce brand goes well beyond creating a website to showcase and sell product. No matter how robust or secure your site is, the cart stays empty if shoppers aren’t finding your site or if it’s difficult to navigate once they arrive. A marketing agency with experience in eCommerce knows how to efficiently drive traffic, engage users, generate repeat business and make your life easier in the process.

Agency Benefits for eCommerce

1. Continuous Tracking, Testing and Tweaking

eCommerce is not a set it and forget it kind of thing. Advertising campaign performance and site analytics need to be measured continuously to determine where optimizations can be made. Additionally, testing different messages, audience targeting parameters and budgets can help you determine what’s working and where to put your money moving forward.

2. Search Knowledge

Getting your online store to rank high in search results is a must for eCommerce brands. But moving your ranking and improving your domain authority is a long-term process. SEO specialists are trained in targeting keywords, optimizing content, backlinking and addressing other issues that can lower your site’s SEO value, such as site speed, site errors and site structure. 

3. Discernment in Paid Media Spending

The wealth of digital marketing options for an eCommerce brand can be overwhelming. Should you invest in paid search? Display ads? Google Shopping campaigns? Social media? If social media, which platforms and ad types? How should you target? And how much are you willing to pay for a click? Agency specialists understand the benefits of different paid ad formats and can help you determine the marketing mix that’s right for your brand. 

4. Content Marketing and Creative Expertise

Mobile displays have limited space and today’s shoppers have limited tolerance for long paragraphs of content. It takes a unique blend of art and restraint to communicate your brand story and product benefits through striking design and offer content through video, blog posts and infographics without using too many words. 

5. Audience Engagement Strategies

Once a shopper shows interest, it’s critical to continue to engage them. A retargeting ad for a browsed item or an email reminder of items left in the cart could be just the push a shopper needs to complete the sale. After the purchase, every detail—from the unboxing experience to a follow-up text—can impact how likely the customer will be to return. 

6. Subject Matter & Industry Experience

Marketing agencies bring to your project all the insights they’ve gained from working with other clients in and outside of your industry. They know what’s trending and what is last year’s news. Previous learning from another eCommerce business with similar goals could help you avoid costly mistakes. 

Trone is a full-service digital and branding agency specializing in improving site traffic and maximizing ease of purchase for eCommerce brands. Want to move your eCommerce ahead? We’re ready. 

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